The Whisperer in Darkness

Completed on : 2021 12 05
Size of the scene : 18cm x13cm


Being an avid Lovecraft reader since my teens, I finally found an opportunity to include his mythos inside my diorama making process. Here are the creatures from "The whisperer in Darkness" which is a 1931 short story. They are described like this : "They were pinkish things about five feet long; with crustaceous bodies bearing vast pairs of dorsal fins or membraneous wings and several sets of articulated limbs, and with a sort of convoluted ellipsoid, covered with multitudes of very short antennae, where a head would ordinarily be." If you happen to have any interest in HP Lovecraft, you can't have bypass completely the controversy that surrounds his work nowadays. Indeed as an ardent zenephobic person, he saw all the creatures of his universe as outsiders whose aim is to destroy and replace the human race without any compromision. I can't enter the debate in 20 lines but I thought using his mythos to adapt it with my own way of seeing things would be appropriate. I believe I should always go out of my confort zone and befriend my fears and own demons. So here the Limbo Queen welcomes the three Aliens whatever the consequences may be.