I was born in 1970 and started building models and dioramas in the 80s. As for so many of us modellers, I started with WW2 subjects, occasionally indulging into fantasy wargaming figures, until I finally settled on a scale instead of a subject: 1/35th was just ideal for what I had in mind and my first figures conversions

Fast forward to 2004 when I picked up the hobby after a 6 years lull. Back then I knew I could not just do the same anymore. I wanted to bring other influences into my hobby experience. Music, sound, water, light, story-telling. I was after a much more global experience in miniature. I started indulging in what I’m now famous for at that time. Creating odd, whimsical landscapes in miniature where senses are triggered. Water modelling was an uncharted territory. Its constant change in light and colours and the difficulty capturing both was attractive to me. I’m not a man of label and never wished to be seen as a Sci-Fi modeller: I’m trying to highlight what’s already haunting or uncanny in the ordinary.

I put a lot of myself and emotions in this miniature work. Whilst most of us modellers try to reach realism or hyper-realism, I’ve got a slightly unique approach. Colours, light, and the experience of the viewer come first. They are the back bone of everything you’ll see here.

There isn’t any guidance in viewing or reading my pieces. Some people will hear the sound of the waves. Others will feel the sun or the wind on their skin. Other will just look at the details or try to unfold the story behind the scene. Whatever your experience is, I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

Jean-Bernard André.