Number 9

Completed on : 2022 05 01
Size of the scene : 20cm x 15cm


This is one of the tanks whose heads roll all over the East. This particular diorama was inspired by a series of pictures of a one who apparently rolled over in water, taking its crew with it in the deep. When they dragged it out the steep river, 2 guys obviously didn't escape and were more or less resting in that position. I don't really know why but the current events affect my creativity quite a lot, sort of waking up the beast inside me that I thought died about 12 years ago. My preferred filmmaker is Andrei Tarkovski, incidentally from Russia. he said "When we talk about war, we talk about the victims, because there are no winners in a war. And even if we win a war, we actually lose it. because we took part in it." I called it number 9 because that's the follow up to a 2010 diorama I did with more or less the same scene and subject which I called Number 8.