Red Triangle

Completed on : 2021 09 12
Size of the scene : 12cm x 15cm
Size of the frame : 15cm x 18cm


That diorama has a strange story since it sort of changed yesterday evening. The whole thing started with a dream I had of my fear of heights, being trapped on a small ledge outside closed cyclopean windows. When I started waking up, the scene changed and I saw her at that place looking at me from below, seeming to reach for me as she wouldn't be able to go further on her risky errand. And that was it. The dream provided me with the colours and the bricks, and the contrast provided by a weird blue light dancing on her white clothes. Later on I found the ideal wall as it is indeed the main building of the Red Triangle factory in St Petersburg (why the Red Triangle?? that doesn't sound so Soviet to me). Then, since I finished that diorama about 10 days ago I let it rest on my table pondering about  how gloomy it was. And then I started discussing with that Spanish artist I know, about how the model I used for that diorama told me about how she was visibly enjoying life more than she did. A ray of light went through the room at that moment and I saw the light for my diorama too. Instead of just stroking the wall to see if there is an issue anywhere, she would now have a real if a bit vain purpose, trying to get one of those flowers that grows on walls.