Completed on : 2021 09 18
Size of the scene : 13cm x 10cm
Size of the frame : 15cm x 18cm


I developed a deep interest in boring films when I turned about 20. That is, not *really* boring but movies that demand you to glue at their slow rhythm to be truly appreciated. One of my favorites is #sarunasbartas "3 days". You basically follow #katarinagolubeva during a.. well, 3 days errand probably in #kalilingrad #lithuania. The complete scenario holds on a stamp and the movie is somehow depressing but holds within that sort of "shadow of the east" that haunts most of my dioramas. At the middle of the movie there's a sort of dancing house inside a regular flat with people getting crazy on the #lambada. Since watching that scene I resolved to do such a diorama with a dancing. Fortunately a few months back I found the work of photographer @andrewmiksys who made a big series of such discos in the Baltic States. My preferred picture of his shows a squalid corner of such a disco flat, where everything was painted pink down to the electric box and the curtains. Mixing that pîcture with other elements such as the round russian window and different lights I came out with this diorama. Now the girl is another story completely. I take good care of never being sexist in my dioramas because I'm simply not like that. In case you noticed, I mostly sculpt the same girl over and over. She's a young girl with long wavy hair dyed in black, ignorable tattoos, a bit on the thick side. Whatever beautiful she is, she's not an item. Now I wasn't about to feature her in such a place because knowing her, she would more likely be standing outside the #redtriangle factory picking up flowers like last week than spending a minute in such a place. So I put my Moscow friend Elena instead, and I just can't help it if she's got striking curly blonde hair, if she looks a bit like #marlenedietrich and has legs that long.