Completed on : 2008 12 25
Size of the scene : 10
Size of the frame : 6


On the 24 & 25th of April 1980, the US forces launched a surprise attack on the Iranian Islamic Republic in the hope to free the hostages trapped for a considerable amount of time in their embassy.  Things didn't went according to plans, and after a desert tempest the us forces left 8 servicemen dead. Here's the Wikipedia page for those who want to read more. The Iranians being practical jokers took plenty of pictures of the dead Troops. When stumbling upon them I was really fascinated but the colours of the picture, quite evidently those suffered from time and some pictures were saturated, others desaturated, others even had a pinkish hue to them.. so i decided to model those bodies and their surroundings according to the colours of the picture, sort of considering death as Beaux Arts. Fossil shows the engine of a CH-47 helicopter as well as one of the crewmen.