Completed on : 2023 09 03
Size of the scene : 18cm x13cm


When I was doing my military service I was working near the exit of the airbase. And there was that bearded guy, a fully armed commando that I befriended because he was listening to metal band Behemoth in his little cage near the red barrier. Really I am thinking of this because I was searching for a title of this diorama, but there's also the idea of contrast. 30 years later I still don't get why an anti militarist like myself choose that option while I could have done a civil service. Same thing, why the military thing just attracts and révulse me at the same time. And right now I wonder why I had so much fun destroying a Soviet tank model while hating just about everything about Russia s err special "military operation". To be fair I consider both parties as the opposite sides of the same coin and trust neither leaders. Though to be fair there's one I distrust largely more than the other one and I know who is the aggressor. That's the life of the normal people I care about, and like millions others I feel a lot of sadness about the whole situation. One series of pictures that somehow affected me both for the symbol and the graphic quality of the idea, was of young girls in traditional Ukrainian clothes complete with flowers in their hair standing above the Russian tank wrecks that were gathered for exhibition in the center of Kiev. So I asked my beautiful Kievan friend and modeler extraordinaire @the_sleepy_mouse who has already been featured two times as the dancer of my dioramas, and who took a fair share of her country's recent history to act once more as the main actress of my scene.