Completed on : 2023 07 16
Size of the scene : 18cm x13cm


Sleepwalking straight from bed one early morning I got it on the tip of the finger, the idea of the perfect portrait for that blonde here on my diorama. Really I was sure of it, the mystery cloud had finally disappeared after more than 3 years of conversation. But I dropped a spoon on the floor and woke up. I normally ask her to be my model only on those of my dioramas whose destruction level stays on acceptable levels, she's most notably my queen of USSR grave. This is because she lives in her books and erases all things that don't suit her vision of an idylic past. When I try to object I can feel her smile stiffening and promptly change subject because she can outsmart me at the spreed of light. Well usually I have the right person to conjure when I'm doing a gothic diorama, and I wouldn't "use" her in an Edwardian settings, simply because she's not too fond of the era. but not this time. That's because she told me she played with swings when mortal danger was next door and that I thought it was one of the coolest thing I ever heard from anyone. So here's the typical example of a diorama with an overkill engineering. That's because I first planned it to be twice bigger. And since I strongly believe that a diorama shouldn't be bigger than its idea I had to trim quite a lot that 1877 Russian howitzer I spent so much time to first research and then model. The fortress stone shapes I took from the Kaunas fortress in Lithuania. Please don't ask me what a Morpho butterfly does so far north. It probably escaped from a cage.