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Who Are Japanese Mail Order Brides?

My book is out on AK Interactive

215 pages, 19 SBS including  7 never published dioramas, a biography, 20 pages portfolio etc ..

“I eventually found out that I could empty my mind and express a lot of feelings in my dioramas and I started to literally pour my life into these”. (Jean Bernard André) »

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Recent dioramas


This one was basically inspired by the backrooms aesthetics, I find that repetititive universe pretty cool  for a variety of reasons. I mixed that with the beautiful pictures made by photographer @hangschlitt  in various undergrounds in the world but especially the Berlin Ubahn. The electric colours, the flashy yellow and greens, the 1960s look about



This is the first time I try to change the format of my boxes dioramas. i had to create the box by myself though which proved kind of hard since I’m no wood worker. Thiçs is a simple exercice of contrast, repetition like a music rhythm. The woman is noone in particular.


Suimsuit III

The last of the series. I wanted to make another contrast between the flowery bathing suit and a very blue swimming pool. Instead of catapulting my model in my rusty world, I thought it would be nice to get into her own. With lights from the past and a clear horizon ahead.



Using the AK Interactive Land Rover as a base.



No comment needed on that one, that’s my take on Moby Dick, more or less inspired by an illustration I found of Captain Ahab not doing much in front of the big whale.



This one is not even taken out of my fantasy. It shows the real story of that Berlin nurse that collected that #shoebill after the zoo was bombed in 1943. If you Google the event you will see a picture of her handfeeding the bird in her bathroom that she transformed in a zoo cage. Of course



When I was doing my military service I was working near the exit of the airbase. And there was that bearded guy, a fully armed commando that I befriended because he was listening to metal band Behemoth in his little cage near the red barrier. Really I am thinking of this because I was searching for



My last seascape of 2023, a sort of hommage to Russian XIXth century painter Ivan Aivazovski who filled his work with seas and sinking ships

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